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5◆G in diverse● scenarios fo〓r 2020 and beyond,◆" Wen said.Please ◆scan the QR Code〓 to follow us◆ on InstagramPle■

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head. CN■BC reports (Sep. ◆7, 2017) that, "Huaw●ei has surp■assed Apple a○s the world&r○squo;s second-◆largest smartp

ho●ne brand."Con○sulting firm Counter○point Research sai〓d, "Huawei is now on◆ly behind Sam■sung in sales, ◆thanks to the compa〓ny's consi●stent investme〓nt in R&■;D (research an○d development●) and manufact■uring, as w〓ell as aggressive an◆d creative mar◆keting."Huawei■'s strategy is 〓to generate r■evenues an●

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p upgra●des on its ■devices and introdu●ce new produc◆ts to the mark◆et.The Shen〓zhen-based co◆mpany has taken a○nother huge step at ●Berlin's IFA con■sumer elec●tronics show 〓by introducing M●ate

User Interface
User Experience
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10 to the pu●blic for th〓e first tim◆e, which come ●equipped wit◆h an AI (artifici◆al intelli〓gence) chipset.Kiri●n 97

John Lennon

0-powered ●AI smartphon◆esMate 10 is expect●ed to go o●n sale starting in O●ctober 2017, which○ is powered by the ●Kirin 970 proc

Fabrizio De Andrè

essor■ with AI capabilitie●s. The new chipset ■uses 10 nanometer pr●ocessing techno●logy that can● tur

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